Friday, July 03, 2009

Final Stages

The bike so far paint work has been primed ready for the top coat, I'm thinking of spraying it black. I'm stuck at the moment because it's winter and a bit cold to spray outside. If I can hang on I'll wait till spring and have a go then. next job is to fit the exhaust pipes and start her up, hopefully.

Bit of a jump in progress here. The battery has been fitted and the electrics checked, had to re-wire the indicator switch on the handle bars as all the wires had fallen off, you get that on old bikes. The radiator has also been fitted. need to re-spray the right side of the radiator as its a bit dull and I'm thinking that I might leave the radiator cowling off, I'll see what it looks like off and on.

Another picture with the engine fitted. Next job was cleaning the carbs something I was not looking forward too, they were very dirty, I used degrees er and a stiff brush.

Engine has been cleaned. As you can see the side crank case has had the paint removed and the alloy polished.

My son (Aiden) and I fitted the engine. As the bike is raised off the floor it was easy to fit, but using two people saved scratching the frame.

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