Friday, October 16, 2009

I will take a couple more pictures with a better back ground.
After putting the bike back together there was quite a quite
a considerable oil leak. There was an oil leak before I started
but when I finished the bike the leak had got worse.
I kept putting the job off but finally got round to tackling it.
after investigation found out the leak was coming from the gear
leaver shaft. There is a inner and outer shaft oil seal. I decided just to change the
outer seal. The cost was 13 dollars and the job took about 30 mins.
No more oil leaks.

Weathers warmed up and managed to get the spraying Finnished.
I'm not entirely happy with the finished result. I think I will spray the bike again ,
and hopefully with the experience I picked up this time round I will have a more
Professional finish.

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jonah said...

I am a bit late to this posting, but great piece of work there. The powder coating looks great! Regards from Canada :)