Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wheel treatment

Bike with the wheels fitted. Now its starting to take shape next job

next job is to clean up the engine. The engine is sitting on the table

behind the bike ( by the head light) Should have the engine cleaned

within a few weeks along with the side engine cases.

Front wheel after clean up and fitted to the forks. Not sure how the

brake caliper's will hold up to the heat they may discolour, time will tell.

This is the rear wheel after the clean up. As you can see I polished the the

center hub using the wet and dry 600 then the 1200 and finished up with

the metal polish. The sprocket was also scrubbed with degrease.

The rear wheel was also a mess. The sprocket was removed to allow easy access.

the wheel was then cleaned the same way as the front wheel below.

The front wheel before the clean up.

As you can see I got my moneys worth out of the tyre.

To clean this wheel up I removed the Brake disc's and replaced the tyre.

I replaced the tyre prior to the clean up as i was concerned that the new paint

might be chipped when the new tyre was fitted, but I think in hien sight

I should haveremoved the tyre cleaned the wheel up then had the

tyre fitted. The wheel was thoroughly cleaned with a heavy duty

degreaser. Next I rubbed down the rim and spokes with wet and

dry paper 600and then 1200, the rims were then polished using a mop

attached to my hand drill, then by hand using Mother's metal polish.

When all the exposed alloy was polished I masked the alloy

rims with masking tape. The spokes were also masked with

masking tape, the tape was stuck to the spokes and then trimmed

with a sharpknife. This was done to both sides of the wheel.

I then sprayed the wheel with two coats of gray etching primer,

When the primer was dry the wheel was sprayed with two

coats of chassis black gloss. The masking tape was removed

when the blackpaint had dried but not gone hard.

The Inside of the disks were rubbed down and sprayed

with Black heat resistant paint.

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