Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yamaha rd250 restoration

In these photo's you can see the trolly i knocked up. This made it a lot easier moving the bike around
The front is almost complete, I have just had a new front tyre fitted and am in the proses of cleaning up the wheel.

The front forks were cleaned up earlier but i forgot to document that part of the restoration. I have loosely fitted the brake calipers ready for the wheel.

Same part as below different angle

This is after the paint stripper. At this stage I had used some wet and dry paper, started with 240 and finished with 1200.

same part as below different angle.

With the caliper apart I started with the paint stripper.

As per picture below at first is was thinking of a quick rub down and spraying with caliper paint. I decided to spend some time cleaning and polishing to see what kind of result was possible.

This is one of the Brake calipers before cleaning up, as you can see it is in crusted with grime and grease.

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