Thursday, December 04, 2008

Frame restoration

When the sand blasting was complete I weighed up the time and space for spraying the cost of powder coating $80 and the finished result. I decided to go with the powder coating, as you can see the frame looks superb it look like its been plastic coated unbelievable I am over the moon with the finished job $8o well spent.
Two things worth mentioning and I'm sure its obvious to most people is remove all plastic parts from the frame like swinging arm bushes. I was caught out $62 for new bushes money wasted. The other is when having something power coated threaded screw holes and hole tolerance are reduced and work is required to remove the powder coating. I had trouble fitting the swinging arm bolt holes had to be opened up and the bushes were a very tight fit.

I phoned around a few sand blasting companies and got a price of $80 dollars. This price I deemed except able as the frame is the centre of the bike. Individual parts can be taken off and revisited but the frame has to be right from the start.

This is the frame after sand blasting. What a difference. Apparently this is what raw metal looks like. The frame looks like it has been primed.

At this stage I picked up the frame and done some Minor welding to the center stand brackets and the steering limitation stop. I took the frame back to the sand blaster the next day I also took the swinging arm for blasting.

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