Thursday, December 04, 2008

Engine out

With all the parts removed from the frame I decided to it rub down and prepare the frame myself, still trying to save money were possible. This picture shows my rubbing down effort. After about an hour with the wet and dry paper I realized it was a bigger job than expected. I am trying to complete this project on a budget but think Time to enquire about sand blasting. One thing I have leaned so far during this project is to explore all avenues on how to complete the job in hand, weighing up time, money and finished result.
Here's another pic of the rubbed down frame, but as above I was not happy spaying the frame at this time as the frame needed more time and effort.

here's a picture of the engine, side covers have been removed. Taking the engine out will give me a good chance to clean it up.

Side view of the bike, engine removed. It was relatively simple to remove the engine, a one man job. Still a lot to remove. Since buying a manual and starting to put the bike back together I realise the shock absorber should have been removed complete with the swinging arm, but lessened leaned. The front forks are still to be removed. If you look closely you can see the removed engine sitting on the floor behind the frame.

The engine has been taken out. The frame still has a lot of other bits connected. These parts will be removed so the frame can be rubbed down and resprayed.

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