Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yamaha RD250lc project

I bought the bike in 1996. I needed cheap transport for to and from work, but the transport could not be boring. After looking round the bike shops I came across a 1981 Rd250lc. This bike was all the rage when I was in my late teens and brought back many fond memories. It was in good condition and cost $1500 which matched my budget.Great I thought, a two stroke motorbike, not to many moving parts to go wrong.Nice and reliable and a bit of fun as well.

It is now 12 years later and the bike's been ridden every day, come rain or shine. I could not have chosen a better bike as over the years it's been practically trouble free. No preventative maintenance has been done, tyres and sprockets were changed when needed Apart from that she just kept going and going.

Now 12 years down the track she's looking pretty tired and old. I was fortunate enough to get a car for work so now is the time to pay her back for the great service she had done me over the many years. After reading many other peoples blogs I realise I am not alone when I say what started out as a wash and brush up has turned out to be a major project and very enjoyable I might add. I decidedto blog after I was a fair way thought the project as I did not realise it was going to be such a big job, so the the blogging starts when most of the parts had been removed from the frame. Please enjoy my journey as it unfolds.

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Dawnie said...

well now doesnt this all look spiffy ! Welcome to blogland and make sure you update at work so its not interfering with your chores LOL !A grand project